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Santa Barbara Yoga Classes A Healthy Mind2

A Healthy Mind

Santa Barbara Yoga Classes A Healthy Mind

How does mental stress affect our mind and what can we do for our mind's wellness?

Our body is a clear physical entity. So is the brain. But the 'mind' cannot be seen by X-ray, MRI or any 'scan.' The mind represents a collective phenomenon that gives us a “feeling.”

The mind is, perhaps, the most important source of our wellness. Our mind is highly complex. The possessor of a beautiful muscular body can be in a state of sadness and depression while a person in a wheelchair could be joyful. A person with enormous wealth could be worried and anxious while a poor student could be filled with optimism. In today's world of plenty, and with the availability of good healthcare, the wellness of the mind has become the most important aspect of personal wellness. Just as body wellness and brain wellness can be enhanced through exercises, mind-wellness can be improved through “mind-exercises”. What mind states represent a healthy mind?

  1. Confident but not arrogant 
    We need ambitions and desires to start our “engines” to make a journey. Yet if attachment to the fruit of the journey becomes strong we cannot enjoy the journey.
  2. Ability to find the balance between action and acceptance
    We need to see when we need to strive and when we need to accept.
  3. Ability to compete without ill-wishes for others
    We live in an environment where we need to compete with others. Competition can be a healthy way to reach and extend our limits. However competition can also create the residue of ill-wishes for others. Thinking about causing other harm, hoping that others will fail disturbs our mind and creates anxieties, worries and fears. If our happiness is tied to other’s failures our unhappiness will also be tied to other’s success. If we continue on this route,  an unhealthy mind-state is inevitable.

Every journey we make – successful or not – leaves a little mind-residue just as it leaves a residue on our body and our brain. If the residue on the mind is left unattended it can cause long-term mental stress that then impacts one's well-being. In the modern competitive world mind-stress is increasingly becoming the most important challenge to our wellness.

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