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Santa Barbara Yoga Classes Healthy Body

Six Ingredients of a Healthy Body

Santa Barbara Yoga Classes A Healthy Body

Our body is the vehicle we use to advance our life journeys. Keeping the body healthy allows us to enjoy these journeys.


We each face different journeys in life. There is no single definition of a healthy body. A healthy body for an artist may be different from that of a professional soccer player. We do need to develop basic ingredients to ensure that our bodies remain healthy. Daily living creates residues that naturally deteriorate the body. What tools can we collect to restore and enhance our physical health? Consider these six basic ingredients of a healthy body:

  1. Strength
    A strong body helps us perform expected tasks as well as unexpected work that comes our way. Strength means to do moves to challenge our muscles.
  2. Stamina
    To function well over time we need to build stamina to help us complete our tasks without getting exhausted.
  3. Flexibility
    The body needs to be flexible to do unexpected tasks that come up.
  4. Balance
    Balance is needed to avoid falls and to have the boldness to take new paths without fear.
  5. Ability to Recover 
    Each journeys requires effort and recovery. Pain or residue may build up during the journey. After finishing a task one needs to take time to release the muscle stress before heading onto the next task. 
  6. Muscle Memory 
    When we start something new, the 'learning curve' is at its largest arc. Through practice we become more efficient and graceful performing the task. This “muscle memory” allows us to perform the taks with minimal effort. As important is the ability to change muscle memory. Sometimes “unlearning” an incorrect movement is needed.

Performing Yoga and Dance are great ways to use these six ingredients to build a healthy body. Yoga develops mindfulness, so that we build awareness to know when we are doing too much, when we need a break, and when we need time to recover. Dance challenges our muscle memory, and gives us joy.

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