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Our Bhangra Dance Classes

Learning Bhangra Dance is easy and improves balance and rhythm!

Santa Barbara Bhangra Dance Yoga Classes

Bhangra—the Dance of Joy!

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Class Structure

Bhangra dance originated in North India. Today you can experience Bhangra dance in clubs, at wedding receptions and on college campuses where it has become the fastest growing dance craze. Bhangra dance moves have been incorporated into Zumba, Hip-Hop and Bollywood dances. Bhangra shares heritage with Flamenco via travelling gypsies.

We teach in a way that makes it easy to learn and joyful to perform. The rhythm of the dance is driven by the 'dhol,' a strong drum. The pace of the drum encourages wide, expressive movements. You will learn the emotional meanings of the movements and the celebrations that drive them. An essential ingredient of the dance is a smiling/laughing face. Bhangra dance is joyful! In a single class you will be able to do a simple choreographed routine and at the end of the course you will be able to perform a stage-worthy dance. You will laugh yourself fit!

Bhangra is a very easy dance to learn. It gives you immense pleasure and is a great physical workut. 

You can learn very easily because of our teaching methods:

  1. The instructor demonstrates a move and then gives you time to repeat it
  2. You learn about a dozen moves in this way
  3. By the end of a one-hour class you perform these moves in a choreographed dance, driven by the Bhangra beat

A Short History of Bhangra

Bhangra is a vigorous folk dance performed at celebrations and has been a part of Punjabi culture for a long time. Punjab has been in the path of trade and invasions into India for over two thousand years. The movements of the dance reflect cultural influences from Greecce, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Middle-East, China, and other places.

Only men traditionally performed Bhangra, and another traditional Punjabi dance form, Gidda, was enjoyedi by women. But today Bhangra is enjoyed by men and women alike. It makes everyone feel great! These dances, originated in the farms and villages of Punjab, are imbued with strength and vigor.

Bhangra is an expansive dance with big movements, like those of farmers harvesting, herding, and celebrating! Bhangra also benefits from the Sikh martial art form of Gatka. Gatka uses a style of singing called 'Dhadi.' The force and vocabulary of this style of singing invigorates the audience. This power translates to the Bhangra vocabulary. Bhangra is a unique dance, with the performers 'hopping' shoulders and non-stop grinning. The mood of Bhangra is uplifting and joyful.

Anyone who can breathe can perform Bhangra!

Five Essential Ingredients to Enjoy Bhangra to the Fullest

  1. A smiling/grinning face (khirhda hasda chehra): This is the most important ingredient. Good technique or not, if you are not grinning wildly, you're not performing Bhangra!
  2. An open posture (khulla dol, tappde modde): Thrust out the chest, lift the head, and let your shoulders "hop!"
  3. No shame, no embarrassment! (na sharam, na haya): Not to be mistaken for immodesty, 'no shame' means that you let go of worry about “what will people think?” Bhangra is for anyone, and everyone. Your life will be enriched as you learn the cultural influences that makes Bhangra such a pleasure to perform.
  4. Love in the heart! (dil vich pyar, chardi kala): A spirit of unbounded optimism. A spirit of timeless youth, regardless of age.
  5. Sturdiness of a Punjabi Farmer: If you've ever watched a Punjabi farmer lift and toss hundred-pound sacks of produce, you'll know what this means. Bhangra imbibes the strength, power, and tall postures of Punjabi farmers.

The Beat of Bhangra

To rev up the audence and the dancers, the Bhangra drum-beat begins with 'Garhgarha,' a loud, quick beat, like a thunderstorm. The main beats for bhangra are 'Chaal' (a slow beat perfect for learning the moves and for performing big movements), 'Lambi Chaal' (which has the same rhythm as Chaal but is more complex) and Luddi (a faster beat). To cue the dancers to a switch of the beat, the drummer or 'dholi' adds the “Torha” (a break).

Intended Audience

Do you like to dance?

Have you not yet found a dance that suits you?

Do you want to use dance as a form of exericse to improve fitness while having lots of fun?

Do you want to feel strong?

Do you love laughing with your friends?

If you answered "YES!"—then come and enjoy Bhangra Dance at YogaDancePower!

With its tradition steeped in the farming and warrior traditions, Bhangra is now widely performed around the globe. The moves satisfy dancers and fitness enthusiasts alike. You choose whether to perform gently or with enough vigor to leave the studio drenched in sweat. Men who may have never danced enjoy the simplicity and vigor of Bhangra dance moves. Some Bhangra moves share mudras (hand-postures) with yoga warrior postures, strengthening confidence and optimistism.


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